Post Doctoral Fellowships

A postdoctoral fellow specifically for a NRC funded project (advertisements document).

A general postdoctoral fellow hiring (advertisements document). This postdoc is expected to work on my recently funded projects. Successful candidates are expected to have solid statistics knowledge and strong skills in programming and writing. Background in machine learning and/or statistical genomics are preferred. Candidates are welcome to apply through this job posting link , which will be jointly funded by PIMS and my research grants. Other co-fundings can be applied (as alternatives of PIMS funding) by candidates, such as LIBERERO postdoc , NSERC postdoc , MITACS postdoc , MITACS Fellowship - China .

PhD/MSc students

My students are encouraged to apply VADA scholarship . Research Assistant positions (supported by my research grants) are available for students with proven strong research ability and motivation. Department will provide about $5000/year TA salary for all graduate students. Students with A-class GPA receive Faculty of Science scholarship since their second year.

UVic tuition is about $2000 per term, which is much lower than most other universities in Canada.