Recently Published Papers (Selected)

  1. The Optimal Design of Clinical Trials with Potential Biomarker Effects, A Novel Computational Approach. ( Statistics in Medicine 2021 ) Link of Paper and Software package
    ( The first author, Yitao Lu, is a summer intern undergraduate student in my lab, who lead programming and 1st draft preparation of this project.)
  2. On logistic Box-Cox regression for flexibly estimating the shape and strength of exposure-disease relationships. (The Canadian Journal of Statistics 2021) Link of Paper
  3. Stock Market Openness and Market Quality: Evidence from the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Program. (Journal of Financial Research 2020) Link of Paper
  4. Simultaneous prediction of multiple outcomes using revised stacking algorithms. (Bioinformatics 2020) Link of Paper and Software package
  5. Model-based clustering for identifying disease-associated SNPs in case-control genome-wide association studies. (Scientific Reports 2019) Link of Paper and Software package


DesignCTPB: Design Clinical Trials with Potential Biomarker Effect. CRAN

MTPS: Multi-Task Prediction using Stacking Algorithms. CRAN

GWASbyCluster: Identifying disease-associated significant SNPs using clustering approach. CRAN

PICS: Probabilistic inference of ChIP-Seq using an empirical Bayes mixture model approach. Bioconductor

PING: Probabilistic inference for Nucleosome Positioning with MNase-based or Sonicated Short-read Data. Bioconductor